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Cantaloupe Carving!

For whatever reason my work has scheduled me for 3 days on 4 day off…which is nice, Big long weekend for me. Today being day 2 of my 4 day weekend I woke up with the excitement to do something, to learn something new. I’ve been watching youtube videos for a week about how to carve watermelons and fruits into spectacular decorations…I figured, why not? So picked up the cantaloupe off the table and got to work. I learned really quickly that fruit carving was not much different from pumpkin carving, except it’s a sweeter smell and way less sticky. A little here a little there cutting, trimming, and shaving. And TADA! I finished my first cantaloupe carving. Only took me an hour to be happy with it, 2 hours to be very happy with it, and a 3rd hour to decide to stop while i’m ahead before i do something drastic and hate it. 🙂 I really hope it lasts for saturday for the Lowell Makes meeting. 🙂

Here’s my finished work! 🙂


The lightbulb kinda glows too when the right light hits it, since I made the walls of the lightbulb very thin.


Mish-mash and ALL of the things…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Here is a bit of what I’ve been up to. I’ve allowed Mike to join a makerspace called “Lowell Makes”. Which is here in Lowell, Massachusetts. By allowed, I mean he joined and then told me about it…there was no me saying ‘Ok’ at all. If you haven’t heard of makerspaces they are basically a basement for a person who lives in an apartment or condo that doesn’t normally have a basement. It is a space where people can come and create, do, make, prototype and design. It’s a space full of tools that you might not normally have access to all in one space. Depending on the needs of the people the space will have different items. Currently we have a woodshop (which is lacking walls, but more about that later) 


Mike is very excited about the space and loves to help out making the space great! This makerspace has only been around since November and has a lot of work to go. They currently have a fundraiser over at indigogo to help purchase the walls to enclose to woodshop and stop the dust from caking up the walls and computers. Along with a dust collector system which will really help the space and keep it safe for the wood shop workers. I am Excited for the hard work going into the place and it’s so cool to see it come together. Every day there is something new, a new pile of rubble, a new wall being built, and new bathroom. Currently the furniture is in a new place every day. Unique little nooks of tables float around the space depending on how people use the space. It’s awesome to see the place transform.

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