Cantaloupe Carving!

For whatever reason my work has scheduled me for 3 days on 4 day off…which is nice, Big long weekend for me. Today being day 2 of my 4 day weekend I woke up with the excitement to do something, to learn something new. I’ve been watching youtube videos for a week about how to carve watermelons and fruits into spectacular decorations…I figured, why not? So picked up the cantaloupe off the table and got to work. I learned really quickly that fruit carving was not much different from pumpkin carving, except it’s a sweeter smell and way less sticky. A little here a little there cutting, trimming, and shaving. And TADA! I finished my first cantaloupe carving. Only took me an hour to be happy with it, 2 hours to be very happy with it, and a 3rd hour to decide to stop while i’m ahead before i do something drastic and hate it. 🙂 I really hope it lasts for saturday for the Lowell Makes meeting. 🙂

Here’s my finished work! 🙂


The lightbulb kinda glows too when the right light hits it, since I made the walls of the lightbulb very thin.


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