Dreaming of creepy things :(

I had a bad/scary/sad dream. It started with a narrator.

A sad saxaphone cries in the background a sad melancholy blues song. (Think this kinda feeling) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWQz8YUIyOU (deep voiced narrator such as James Earl Jones)

“A teenage girl plays by a bridge across the street from her house. The slow pace of life in this part of the world. It’s a dark part of town, a dark and dismal life. Her sister looks on from the front porch of their small apartment. The streets are dark with rain, and dirt and in the shadows of the large city. On one end of the bridge is a teenager playing, the other end arrives an old hunched backed old woman. The old woman with slow and methodical steps eases her way across the bridge towards the teenager. As if it was a game the teenager notices something not right about the old woman, like she is giving chase, a slow motion chase. She’s a frightening old woman in tattered clothing and holding a painting in her hand. She walks nearly up to the teenager when the teenager is alerted to the urgency of not being caught by the old woman. There is a reason the old woman has given chase…a chase the teenager hasn’t figured out. Her sister yells to her from the front porch”

“Hurry, before she catches you!!! Get in, don’t let her get you, Hurry!!”

The teenager makes her way across the street only keeping a 10 foot advantage, also running in a slow mocking speed.

“She can’t catch me, I am running too fast!”

(Slow motion running)

“Noo!!” says the younger sister.

“The two girls slip inside the house just in time to close the door, the door closes on the old ladies hands as she hisses, her ‘i’m going to get you’s’ and giving her creepy stares. The locking mechanism is on the outer door that didn’t get closed, so the only way to keep the creepy cold woman out was the weight of the younger sister pushing on the door.  (Hissing and scratching at the door frame) The door finally gets closed but isn’t able to lock. She collapses in front of the door to be away of the old ladies one goggled eye’s gaze. As panic pours over the girls and the family inside, how do they keep the old woman out? How do they get away from her creepy window peeping. As 5 minutes passes they notice no more movement at the front door”

“Has she moved on? Has she given up? Is the chase over? Has peace been restored to the front door? The old woman seem to have vaporized back to the dreary, wet, dark cobblestone path. What was the point? Why did she give chase? At least she is gone!”

“Little did that family know, but the old woman has not moved on, for the old lady had managed to slip in undetected, she slipped in undisturbed and left behind something not yet discovered by the family. On the mantle she slipped a framed picture of her…a frame that worked as a window into their home for her to observe from. A picture the family will soon discover and not be able to remove from their home. Horror and grief come over the family as they realize the old lady has made her way into their home, their sanctuary. They realize their safety has been compromised. They are not safe.”

(The same saxaphone and slow deep voiced narrator continues the story for a new part of town, saxaphone still playing a sad melancholy song in the background.)

“A child steps off the bus from summer camp to find his father has taken on a new lover, a new stepmom to greet him at the front door. This new face in the family is the start of a lot of trouble in the home. The new face is young face of the old woman, who will haunt this family for generations to come. The father has no idea what he brought into the house, what destruction is will do to his family.”


And…then I woke up…Weird. It’s almost like a Stephen King book, Melancholy and gloom.

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